Bow rails in Perth

Well fabricated and designed bow rails will enhance the look and value of your boat.

We build Bow rails custom made through to survey requirements, be reassured we can achieve all your expectations and finishers you need

A well designed bow rails will insure the safety and peace of mind you need the next time you venture out on the ocean for a day of work or leisure.

Auswide for years, has been creating various bowl rails for all types of craft from small boats to cruises and yachts.

Nowadays many of sports boats are frequently featured with no bow rails to cut the cost of the boats. Hence there is a need for custom may bow rails as they important safety features.

  • The rail makes it possible for someone to sit on the front deck, looking backwards and ride in comfort.
  • The rail provides some stability for standing up there fishing as well.
  • Also, the bow rails provide a convenient place to tie a line or to mount rod holders.

The bow rails are necessity of any boat. If you hit a rogue wave, what would you grab at?


WE RECOMMEND: the highest quality stainless steel to be used, with each product designed and manufactured to precise specifications.

Marine Fabrication

We asked our top clients what the top three things they want from us is, the answers are below

  1. Quality
  2. Speed Of Turnaround
  3. Price

What gives Auswide their unique edge, is their ability to complete jobs before the dead line given to them by their clients as well as to the highest specifications.

Auswide has a unique ability to design, develop, manufacture and operate modern equipment.

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